You can never have enough pillows...

I've been slightly obsessed with pillows since I can remember, and I'm going through a major pillow craze right now. I want all.the.pillows. So I figured I'd do a little round up of some of my favorite pillows and pillow shops across a variety of price points.

Let's just get right to it, MotifPillows might just be my favorite pillow shop...EVER. Here are a few of the best in the shop right now in my opinion.

Two surprising pillows sources I've loved lately...H&M home and Ikea. They are super affordable while also being unique and fun!

Next up, Urban Outfitters has a great home department. Their pillows are great for a boho chic cozy vibe.

Spark Modern is another Etsy shop that I could spend hours just staring. Such a great eclectic mix of designer fabrics and top notch quality. 

Tonic Living is a great resource for affordable pillows with interesting prints and pretty subtle details like gold zippers. Who doesn't love a gold zipper?

I could go on and on and on with more pillow sources, but I'm gonna go ahead and stop myself and go around the house and rearrange my pillows for fun like any other sane woman :) 

Master Bedroom Makeover...before and after

This bedroom makeover was so fun for me. First of all, the main living spaces were E-Designed by Jana Beck who is so incredibly talented, so the rest of the home gave me lots of inspiration for this room. We wanted to transform this room into something light and bright with some pops of color. I very much wanted this to reflect my design style, but at the same time blending well with the work that was previously done to the rest of the house. Second of all, this room belongs to my best friend's mom. I've basically been a part of this family since I was 12. You would think that that fact would make the process less stressful or anxiety provoking, which in some ways it was, but I also felt added pressure because I really care about this personally. I wanted to make sure that they all loved it! In the end, the pictures are proof that this transformation was a complete success. Next up: the master bathroom is getting a little facelift so stay tuned! 


Now the best part...the photos! 





Patio Update

GUYS!!!!! Officially the longest patio edition maybe EVER. We started this a little over 4 months ago and it is still.not.finished. I know, I'm mad about it too. Aside from finishing touches though, the structure is basically complete. This space is going to be more of a long term project than I originally had planned though. I decided that I'm going to hold off a lot longer on the living space on the patio until I can afford to buy exactly what I want that will last for years to come. I was originally going to do a little bit more to update it for the time being, but honestly I don't want to waste money on things that are just for the interim. So for now I'll just show you a glimpse into the dining area which I'm glad to say has already been enjoyed by many :) 


Ok, I lied. I'll keep it real and show a little bit of the living area. It's not terrible, but far from what I envision it to be one day. Long term plan is to add french doors instead of this picture window and single of these days.