Patio Update

GUYS!!!!! Officially the longest patio edition maybe EVER. We started this a little over 4 months ago and it is still.not.finished. I know, I'm mad about it too. Aside from finishing touches though, the structure is basically complete. This space is going to be more of a long term project than I originally had planned though. I decided that I'm going to hold off a lot longer on the living space on the patio until I can afford to buy exactly what I want that will last for years to come. I was originally going to do a little bit more to update it for the time being, but honestly I don't want to waste money on things that are just for the interim. So for now I'll just show you a glimpse into the dining area which I'm glad to say has already been enjoyed by many :) 


Ok, I lied. I'll keep it real and show a little bit of the living area. It's not terrible, but far from what I envision it to be one day. Long term plan is to add french doors instead of this picture window and single of these days.